Glieder Armband kürzen

Shortening a titanium link bracelet is a simple process, but it is important that it is done carefully and precisely to keep the bracelet in perfect condition. Here are the steps to shorten your titanium link bracelet:

  1. Measure your arm circumference: Measure around your arm and write down the measurement. Check if your bracelet fits in length or if it needs to be made shorter.

  2. Remove a link using the tool: Remove one or more links from the bracelet to achieve the desired length. The video can also help you with this:

  3. Reconnect the bracelet: Use the tool to reconnect the removed link to the bracelet. Make sure the link is firmly and securely fastened.

  4. Check the fit: Check that the bracelet is now the correct length and fits comfortably on your arm.

It is important that you work carefully and precisely at every step in order not to damage the titanium link bracelet. If you are unsure of the correct way to shorten the bracelet, we recommend that you take a closer look at the video before installation.